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Image Printing

When viewing attachments, we are able to easily print documents, but image files only open in the preview without a clearly defined means of printing. In IE, right-click and print produces a blank page, Firefox does not even provide this option. Current workaround is to save image(s) to disk and then print.

I would like to request that functionality be added, if possible, to print images directly from the application.

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Good observation.  We are currently working on a new version of GT.  I will bring this up to our development team and will see what we can come up with.


Mike Reed


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Jared, that's been an issue for my department for quite a while, too.  My work around, when there are multiple photos attached to one GT entry especially, has been to open Adobe Photoshop, then drop the photos in there and place up to 4 photos on one sheet of paper at a time, depending on what we are printing, and the purpose of our printing the file, of course.  It's saved us a ton of paper, if nothing else, considering we often have to print an entire employee file at one shot, which can easily be a ream of paper when all said and done.

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