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Multiple Employees per incident

It would be beneficial, at times, to be able to add multiple employees to a single incident, e.g. a team commendation.  

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It's coming.  We have been working on a new version of the software over the past several months that will allow you to make a single entry involving multiple employees...and/or multiple categories.  For example, you will be able to make a single entry involving a pursuit, accident, and use of force.  Regardless how you search for the entry you will find the same entry.  In entries involving multiple employees you will be able to choose which employee subsequent comments apply to.  The separate employees will only see what applies to them.  Supervision will see the entire picture.

Hope this helps.  I can't give you an exact time frame for the release, but help is on the way.

Mike Reed, Partner

Guardian Tracking 

Is there any update on this feature?


We are currently working on a new design for the software that includes this feature.  We anticipate release late this year.  We appreciate your patience.


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