TITLES – This section is used to list organizational titles and assign permissions.

A.  This should be the first task completed as the admin user since title selection is required when creating a new employee and assigning “minimum titles” for incident category selection.

B.  Click “Create New” then add the title.

Titles have two purposes:

1. They allow the admin user to assign base permissions, such as; access, print, create, update, etc. 

2. Titles appear on the home page. When you log on, the home screen will say "Welcome to Guardian Tracking Member John Smith.  We suggest creating one general title for all employees at the same level within the organization (employee, supervisor, director, etc.).

C.  Next click on the appropriate permissions.

These include:

1.  Access – allows access

2.  Print – when left unchecked user will have no ability to print

3.  Create Doc – user may create documentation for themselves or another employee

4.  Update Doc – user may comment on an existing entry

5.  Edit Doc – user may change assigned category, occurred on date, or custom field for an existing entry

These selections will assign permissions for all employees by title.  However, the admin user may override the default permissions for individual employees.  See “Employees” section for more information.

D.  The order of the titles is extremely important and should reflect your organizational hierarchy.  To order the titles; click on the title number, drag and drop to the correct position.  For example, the department head (chief, director, etc.) should appear at the top of the list and non-supervisory employees should appear at the bottom.

E.  Titles may be deleted by clicking on the delete button on the far right of the options field.  Note – once a title has been assigned to an employee it may be renamed, but cannot be deleted.

F.  Click “Save Changes” before leaving the section.