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Transparency has always been an essential aspect of Guardian Tracking and, time and time again, has proven to be beneficial to performance management.  We believe confidential entries should be the exception and not the rule.

Reasons for confidentiality could include, among others, personnel records and internal investigations.  We recommend that your organization set expectations regarding confidentiality and the use of this feature.

Setting Up Permissions and Confidential Groups

The first step in the process will be deciding which individuals will have permission to make confidential entries.  There are two options for assigning permission.

    • The first option is to go to “Titles” in the “Manage” section and assign permission.  This will give everyone assigned that title the ability to make confidential entries.

    • A second option is to assign the permission on an individual basis.  To do this, go to “Employees”, find the individual, then assign the permission by selecting “Override Permissions.”

Creating Confidential Groups and Assigning Members

The next step is to create confidential groups and assign group members.

  • Go to “Groups” on the “Manage” page, then click on “Create New”.

  • Next, name the group and assign members. Click on “Save Groups” to complete the process.

  • Repeat these steps to add other groups.

At this point you are assigning individuals who will manage all confidential entries assigned to a specific group.  By default, only members of a group may view confidential entries.  Without being assigned to a group, not even the admin or someone with “view all” permission may view this type of entry. In most cases, groups will have very few members (this could be an IA Supervisor or a Personnel Director).  Group members can grant access to other users, as needed, to a specific entry.  For example, a group member may assign a supervisor to investigate a specific complaint.  The supervisor will then have access to that specific confidential entry.  Access can be taken away when no longer needed.

IMPORTANT:  The following should be noted regarding confidential entries.

  • Confidential entries will override any document flow and go immediately to the selected group.

  • Once an entry has been made confidential it cannot be reversed.  The only option is to delete the entry and create it again.  In order to delete a confidential entry, a group member must be given admin rights or the GT admin must be assigned to the appropriate group.