KEEP IT SIMPLE! No approval may be necessary for most entries. Most entries will require no more than a one-step approval. All categories which are not managed by document flow will publish immediately into the system. 

This optional feature allows your organization to establish a review and approval process for any category. It isn’t necessary to create a separate document flow for each category. Multiple categories can be assigned to the same document flow.

Open the “Document Flows” section.  Under “Manage Document Flow” you will find a dropdown which will contain any existing flows. You also have options for creating a new flow, saving, and deleting an existing flow. 

Creating a Document Flow 

  • Select Create New→Name the new flow→Select “Create Step” to create the Flow Approval Steps→Open Select the Flow Category Links dropdown→Select all categories which will be subject to the flow. 
  • Naming the New Document Flow. For example, you may title a one-step flow as “One-Step Approval. 

Flow Approval StepOnce you select “Create Step”, the default step is “Must be approved by any supervisor of the employee.” This choice will allow any direct or up line supervisor of the employee to review and approve an entry. 

  • “Any supervisor” may be modified to “direct supervisor”. This will require review and approval by the direct supervisor or the employee. However, the entry may ONLY be approved by the employee’s immediate supervisor. 
  • For any subsequent steps, “The employee” may be modified to “the previous approver.” 

Flow Category LinksOpen the dropdown and select all categories to be managed by the flow. 

Adding ConstraintsConstraints are not necessary in most cases. A constraint is only needed when you are limiting who may approve an entry. 

  • You will also notice an option to “add constraint” to an approval step. 
  • Select the appropriate title. For example, the approval step could be any supervisor of the employee with the title of assistant director. 

Additional Approval Steps - You may include additional approval steps. Once again, select “Create Step” and follow the steps outlined above. 

Modifying a Document FlowYou can modify a document flow at any time. You can also delete the step altogether by clicking the delete button at the end of the step. 

The delete button will delete the entire step. Click on “remove constraint” to remove a constraint.