Navigation Bar – The Navigation Bar contains page tabs for Home, Create, View, Account, and Log Off. 

Recent Activity – Contains new and updated entries about you or someone who reports to you (subordinate).  Entries will remain in the Recent Activity folder until reviewed or cleared en masse by clicking the “Clear All” button.  

  • All entries cleared using the “Clear All” button will be marked as “Cleared without viewing” in the audit trail. When and if you do view these entries the audit trail will update itself as being viewed.  
  • You can also clear multiple related entries.  When you one the first related entry you will see an information box identifying the other entries and a button which will clear and mark all related entries as viewed.

If you edit an entry it is now unique from the other related entries. You will still have the ability to clear the remaining related entries as viewed. It should also be noted that multiple related entries will retain the ability to be cleared in mass as viewed, even if they’ve been cleared from recent activity using the “Clear All” button.

Saved – Contains any saved entries. See the “Create” section for details.

Action Items – Contains any Action Items assigned to yourself, or those you have assigned to another user. See the “Create” section for details.

Hierarchy – Contains the names of any “Managers” and “Subordinates” in your hierarchy. The names are links to the View page. When you click the name of a subordinate, the system will jump to the “View” page and filter for entries on that employee. The number of days since the last login also appears beside the names of subordinates.

  • If you have down line subordinates, a + sign will appear beside your subordinates. Click the + sign to display any down line subordinates.
  • If you do not see all or your direct or down-line subordinates, or if you see a name you should not see please contact your admin user. 

Time Frame Filter – Notice the dropdown with options for; All, 90 Days, 30 Days, Week, and Today. Use this dropdown to determine the viewing range for recent activity and action items. For example, you may select “Week” to view any action items due within the next week. The default setting is “All.”