Creating most entries involves choosing a category, an employee, occurred date, entering the narrative, and clicking "Publish Incident”. 

Select Category

Open the dropdown box and select a category. 

You may also see a description assigned to the category by your organization. Description serves as guides when creating an entry and do not become part of the entry. 

Select Employee

Click the “Employees” field. You may create an entry on anyone in your organization. 
Begin typing first name, last name, or employee ID, then select the name when it appears in the dropdown menu. 
Mass Entry Creation – This is helpful when you want to make an entry on several employees involved in the same event. 

  • The “Employees” box will appear again allowing you to choose another employee. 
  • Repeat the process until you have entered all the desired names. 
  • Hit the delete symbol beside a name to remove an employee from the list. 
  • When all the steps are completed, Guardian Tracking will create stand alone entries for all selected employees. 

Select Occurred Date

Open the dropdown box to access the calendar. The current day will be highlighted. Click the current day or a previous day in the month. You may also type things like, “today”, “yesterday”, and so on. You can also scroll through the calendar for a past or future. 


Click the narrative box and type your entry. You may also copy or paste text from other sources.

Spell Check – Guardian Tracking does not have an integrated spell check, but works with those found in most modern browsers. If your browser does not have an integrated spell check, there are a number of free tools bar which may be downloaded. For instance, the Google toolbar contains spell check.


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  • Custom Fields
  • Attaching Files
  • Linking Related Incidents
  • Action Items
  • Editing
  • Audit Trail
  • Document Flow
  • Deleting Entries
  • Confidential Entries