Click the “Related Incidents” link. 

Past entries of a subordinate employee will be displayed.

Click the box in front of the related incident(s).

Click “Done” to complete the selection process or click “Cancel”.

You may also review the narrative of an entry during the selection process.

  • Click the category of the individual entries to display the narrative. Click the close symbol to close the narrative and continue your review.
  • After reviewing the narrative, check the box beside the entry to make your selection.
  • You may link multiple entries.
  • Click “Done”.

Once the new entry has been saved, the linked entries will be displayed on the right side of the entry.

Changing Related Entries - Related entries can only be changed by a supervisor of the employee involved in the entry.

  • Click “Change Related” to display the selected employee’s past history.
  • Select or deselect entries to make the needed changes then click “Save”. Click “Cancel” or the close symbol to cancel the process.
  • Any changes will be reflected in the audit trail.

Intervention / Recognition Flags – It should be noted that your response to an intervention or recognition flag will automatically link the entries which created the flag. See the “Early Intervention” and “Recognition” sections for details.

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