You may assign Actions Items to yourself or another employee who has access to the entry. 

  • An Action Item may be created at any time. 
  • An entry may contain multiple action items. 

Creating an Action Item

  • Click “Create Action Item”. 
  • Click “Due Date” to open the calendar or type the date. 
  • Enter the appropriate name in the “Assign To” field.

It is not necessary to enter a name when assigning a task to yourself, leave the “Assign To” field blank.

  • Describe the task in the “Note” field. You are limited to 128 characters.
  • Click “Done”, or click “Cancel” or the close symbol to cancel the process.

Viewing / Completing Action Items

Action Items assigned to you, or by you, are stored in the “Action Items” folder on the “Home” page.

Action Items will be displayed as “Pending” until completed. To complete an Action Item, click the check box beside the Action Item. The Action Item will clear automatically.

  • Assigned Action Items which have been cleared will be displayed as “Completed” for the employee who assigned the task. 
  • Action Items assigned to another employee must be cleared by both individuals.

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