Once an entry, subject to document flow, has been made it will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor(s) for review and approval. The user creating the entry will receive the following notification, “This incident requires approval before it’s published.” The approval step(s) will also be listed on the entry. 

An “Approvals” folder will also appear on the “Home” page whenever an entry is waiting for approval. You may access any entries contained in this folder to check the status of the approval. 

When the appropriate supervisor logs into the system, they will also see the “Approvals” folder on the “Home” page. All entries being held for approval will be listed under one of the following: 

  • “Needs My Direct Approval” – approval by immediate supervisor.
  • “Pending Approval” – requires up line approval.
  • “Needs Indirect Approval” – may be approved by an up line supervisor.

After reviewing the entry, the supervisor may approve or reject the entry. 

All categories which are not managed by document flow will publish immediately into the system

  • An approved entry immediately enters the system, unless there is a subsequent approval step required.
  • Once an entry is approved, the entry will appear on the Home screen of all affected personnel and email notification will be made.

As a supervisor, you will notice on occasion you may have to approve your own entry. Simply click “Approve” to publish the entry.

  • The supervisor may also reject the entry and include an optional message with the reason.
  • A rejected entry will return to the user who created the entry. The entry will revert to a “Saved” entry and will be stored in the “Saved” folder.
  • As noted earlier, saved entries may be edited, re-published, or deleted. If re-published, the entry goes back through the approval steps.

You may also choose to leave an optional message stating your reason for rejecting an entry. These optional notes are temporary and do not become part of the published entry.

Audit Trail - The supervisor approving and published the entry will be reflected in the audit trail.

See Video for more details:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3ADURcCtc3wQkxLZkdpakRfcFk