DISCUSSION: Early Intervention helps identify employees who have developed a pattern of behavior that indicates that intervention may be necessary. Your organization can establish how the intervention flags are set and the policy for responding to them. The flags may be based on a certain number of categories, or a cumulative score based on weighted values assigned individual categories.

The ‘Intervention” tab will be displayed when an intervention rule is triggered.

  • The “Intervention” tab and page will be displayed for everyone in the involved employee’s hierarchy. This information is not displayed for the employee involved. 
  • The “Intervention” tab will remain displayed until an intervention response has been created.

Open the “Early Intervention” tab.

  • The entries which triggered the intervention flag will be listed in this page. Click on the entry links to review the documentation.
  • Any confidential entries will appear simply as “Confidential Incident” with a note to contact members of the confidential group.  If the link to a confidential entries is selected by anyone in the employees’ normal hierarchy, they will be alerted that they do not have access to the entry.  

The intent is to ensure a discussion between the normal hierarchy and members of the confidential group to provide for an effective review of the flag.

Click “Post Response.”

  • Before creating a response, we recommend reviewing other past entries on the involved employee.
  • Creating a response is performed in the same manner as creating an entry.
  • Select the category determined by your organization for the response (typically Early Intervention Response or Early Warning Response).
  • The “Intervention” tab and page will clear once a response has been created. Intervention flags are generally set to trigger again if another related entry is made within the same threshold period.