There are two ways to remove an entry.

1.  What we consider best practice is to delete (or purge) on a case by case basis.  Most clients consider entries in Guardian Tracking as part an employee's past history.  Unless there is a compelling reason to do, the data remains in the system.  The GT admin has the ability to delete an individual entry.  Go to the view page, locate the entry, and look for the delete button in the upper right corner.  You will receive a warning to confirm the deletion.  There is an internal audit trail which tracks the deletion.  If you have more than one admin, we suggest funneling all deletions through one person.  This would help with accountability.  

2.  You can also set a purge threshold for individual categories.  Go to the category section on the manage page.  Go the individual category and in the purge column enter the number of days until purge.  For instance, if you enter 365 an individual entry will purge one year from the "occurred on date". The downside of the automatic purge is the fact that the feature is automated.  You may eventually purge something you really wanted to keep.